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This is Glimmer, leave a message and I might call you back later.
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Player's Name: Katze

Characters Played Here: Nica Pierce, Ava Crowder, Frigga, and Elsa.

Character: Glimmer

Series/Canon: The Hunger Games

From When?

The first night in the arena, so she's in a high state of aggression by this time.

Previous Game(s): N/A

World Description: N/A

History: http://thehungergames.wikia.com/wiki/Glimmer

Personality: From birth the children of the profitable Districts are taught that to
compete in the games is an honor and most if not all don't even have to be chosen. They
volunteer to compete in an effort to bring honor to their families as well as their
respective Districts. The lower class Districts don't understand their way of thinking, but
it's simply all they know. Even if the games were not fatal, none of them would choose to
come home as a loser and would instead prefer death over their shame.

Glimmer is no different in this thinking. Being from District One, she's proven to be a
lethal competitor and smart. Glimmer doesn't really have friends, just allies that she has
a use for. Once someone looses their usefulness, It's unlikely that she would show any sort
of loyalty. Even in the arena, Careers worked together to kill off the weaker tributes but
then they turn on each other since there is no more reason for the alliance. If only one
person leaves the arena, any Career would kill whoever they had to in order to make sure
they claimed the title of victor.

There is little she fears. It is never mentioned but there is likely a conditioning process
to reduce the childish fears a Tribute would have. The only thing that was shown to really
scare Glimmer was a nest of TrackerJackers and for good reason as it was her death in the
end. It is a fair assessment to say that if there were even simple wasps in New Dodge,
Glimmer would not be able to help her fear, knowing the effects and consequences of a

When arriving in New Dodge, she will feel it is merely a trick to get her guard down and
will likely go on the attack. She will probably need to be restrained in some fashion until
it sinks in that this isn't a trick and there are actually consequences to killing here.
When she does realize that it is real, the hostility will turn to a violent frustration
since she was pulled from the arena. Glimmer maintains a calm appearance, but on the inside
she's unpredictable and will lash out if she feels threatened.

That being said, she will likely align herself with the strongest in the town and make her
own 'Career Pack', using them to reach her own ends until she finds someone stronger to
make an ally of.

Does your character have any close ties to existing canon characters? N/A

Why do you think your character would work in this setting? Glimmer will be a flux
in and when she arrives, she'll be in a hostile state after having been ripped from the
games. She may believe it's a game hallucination, something to get her to drop her guard
and it may be a while before she calms down enough to realize that this is far from Panem.
If the residents can deprogam her from the Career way of thinking, she may choose to stay,
but it won't be an easy job.

Glimmer will appear to get along with people she can have a use of. If they're visibly weak
of someone she's at odds with at home though, she'll likely not bother trying to hide her

What will your character do for work? Likely hunting or possibly teaching a survival class.

Inventory: Backpack containing; Rope, Flask, Matches, Thermal Blanket, Iodine, Crackers, and Dried
Beef. She'll also have a silver bow and matching arrows.


Third-Person Sample:

She was running, hunting, all of her attention focused on the Tribute that was running from
them. For half a moment, Glimmer thought that she tripped, the pull causing a tugging
sensation before her surroundings suddenly changed. Coming to a stop, she looked around the
area she found herself in. The trees of the arena were gone, replaced with store fronts and
walking townsfolk. Creasing her brow, she was panting as she realized what this was…it was
a trick. There must have been some kind of gas in the arena, something to change her

Tapping one of the arrows in her quiver, she pulled it free in one smooth motion, notching
the arrow in her bow, ready to strike if she was rushed. “Alright, what the hell?!” Her
voice had just a touch of what could be described as panic or hysteria. She didn't like
being surprised, even more so when she was just in the arena a moment ago.

Her eyes moved around the area swiftly, not letting anyone out of her sight for more than a
half a second. She just knew this was all an illusion and she listened for the sound of
feet on the forest floor, something to give away she was being approached. More
importantly, where were the other Careers? They hadn't been more than a step behind her and
now she couldn't even hear them.

“You have ten seconds before I start shooting.” Her smile was more than bloodthirsty, it
was the smile of a killer that felt no remorse for her actions. “Sooner or later, I’ll hit
something real.” Her allies would have the brains to get clear, knowing it wasn’t a false
threat. Lifting the bow, she pulled the arrow back hard. Anything she hit would be in
misery just from the force of the arrow. “Five seconds.”

First-Person Sample:



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